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The Emotional Tone Scale

Perhaps one of the most crucial factors in achieving success in life is knowing how to handle other people. At times, the unpredictable nature of human behavior can make this seem difficult or even impossible.

But if you had a tool which would identify the various human emotions and help you to understand the behavior associated with them, this would become quite simple.

In Scientology, we call this tool the Tone Scale. This scale shows the successive emotional tones common to every person and assigns numbers to help delineate them. These emotional tones have predictable patterns.

For example, do you remember the last time you tried to talk to an angry man?

He probably didn’t listen to what you had to say, he may have even lied about what happened, or at least twisted the facts. And, more than likely, you felt worse after you talked to him. Upon examining it, you will find that all angry people have these and other attributes in common.

People are not fixed in one tone. They move on the Tone Scale in response to the conditions they face in life. This can happen rapidly or over a long period of time. Many difficulties in life trace back to not understanding the nature of these emotional tones and how to deal with them.

For instance, you’ve probably seen someone who was cheerful or enthusiastic receive bad news and then go into grief.

Someone who can’t identify the different emotions won’t know how the person is going to react and may handle the situation wrongly.

This can have consequences for oneself and one’s relationships.

By knowing what emotion you are seeing and what emotion you should, in turn, express, you will be able to communicate in any situation, no matter how difficult.

The Tone Scale is of enormous value in life and handling interpersonal relations by taking the mystery out of human behavior.