Church of Scientology Launches YouTube Channel: Leah Remini. The Facts.

New channel hosts dozens of videos from Leah Remini’s family, former friends and associates, and from Remini herself.

The Church of Scientology has launched a new YouTube channel, “Leah Remini. The Facts,” hosting dozens of videos presenting firsthand and eyewitness accounts from family members, former friends and associates of Remini who experienced her abuse and deceit.

Featured videos include:

  • A 20-minute documentary, Leah Remini: Family Abuse and Betrayal, which relies on footage of family members, friends and Remini herself, revealing a picture far removed from Remini’s public persona of family champion.
  • Interviews of former friends and associates, who present their accounts of Remini’s escalating abusive behavior—from racial slurs against a friend’s child, to verbal abuse of a nine-month pregnant woman, and sending a private investigator to intrude on a private couple’s life.
  • A series of videos posted online of Leah Remini’s late father, George Remini, who with his wife spoke out about Leah after she gratuitously publicly smeared him.
  • Never-before-released audio recordings of the woman who was Leah Remini’s stepmother for 28 years, the late Donna Fiore (previously Remini), who spoke out to the Church on how Remini had made her life “chaos.”
  • Videos posted online by Mark “Marty” Rathbun, an expelled former Scientologist who incited, led and advised the “anti-Scientology faction” for nearly a decade and exposes Leah Remini’s bald-faced lies.

The new YouTube channel follows the launch of the website, which sets the record straight after nearly a decade of Leah Remini’s bigotry, defamation and hate.

Declaring “enough is enough,” the website calls out Remini’s hate campaign, revealing the documented account of what Remini did in the Church leading to her departure, what lies behind her shamelessly dishonest campaign, and how she capitalizes on her vengeance for profit and attempts to gain attention and relevance.

The website chronicles Remini’s vendetta since staging her public exit from the Church—including attempted shakedowns, false reports to law enforcement, and incitations to hate that have resulted in hundreds of incidents of threats and violence, including hate crimes against Scientology churches, leadership and members.

Further videos will be added to the YouTube channel in the weeks and months ahead. 

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